Getting the most value for your Property

Are you selling your home?

  • I offer my skilled know-how in Florida home sales for your use.
  • As your own Broker I will listing your property to MLS Register, so that it can be viewed and sold by any Broker.
  • I will make a realistic price estimate of your property based on the market and historical information.
  • I will marketing your property to find potential buyers.
  • Having reached an agreement on the deal, I take care of on your behalf the necessary contracts.

If you are interested in the services I offer or you need more information, feel free to contact me.

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Why to have own Agent?

  • Most states in the USA requires that the Agent helping you to sell real estate holds a Real Estate License.
  • As your own Broker, I offer my expertise for you.
  • As a Broker I have the best knowledge of the market.
  • I handle marketing, presentations, price negotiations and contract papers for sale for you.

Services for Sellers

Assessment of a property to be sold

  • We will start selling process by visiting to property and checking over the condition of the property.
  • If there is a need for repair, inform the seller.
  • Making a price estimate based on the current market situation and the prices of similar housing sold in the area.
  • To agree on a sales assignment and practical arrangements.

Presentation of the property for sale

  • Delivery of documents and information on the property for sale.
  • Description of the property and, if necessary, drafting of the house base plan.
  • Creating a brochure from the property.
  • Listing the property to MLS Register for sale by any Broker.
  • Marketing the property on Web sites and social media.
  • If required, “For Sale” signs to the property.
  • I will present housing to interested buyers.
  • I’m organizing open home presentation shows.
  • Inform the seller about the buyers’ interest and other issues that have come up.

Property Sales

  • Receive bids and check related documents.
  • Delivery of bids to seller and answering to buyer’s questions.
  • After the seller has accepted the bid, the official papers will be sent to the law firm, where the official trade confirmation will begin.
  • Closing the deal and providing the required documents to the seller and buyer.